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Firlabo Freezers: R.B.Scientific Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, Southampton Hampshire

Firlabo Bio Memory Freezers

The new, Bio Memory Freezers use the latest technology to make them super efficient and environmentally friendly. In the process, the usable space has been increased, and running costs have been greatly reduced.

Designed to store a wide variety of biological samples in a uniform and safe environment.

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Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

Temperature range: -45C or -86C

Upright freezers: 5 sizes - 175, 340, 515, 690 and 1000 litres

Bench top freezer: 175 litres

Chest freezers: 4 sizes - 340, 515, 690 and 1000 litres

Interior: Stainless steel with rounded corners and secondary internal doors

Exterior: Epoxy coated steel with vacuum insulated panels

Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

Some of the innovative features:

Vacuum insulation panels give spectacular improvements in thermal performance, which reduces the running time of the compressor.

This means a 15% reduction in electricity consumption.

New compressor technology with an external fan motor. This means quieter running.

New industrial controller gives greater temperature uniformity and stability

Increased storage capacity up to 48000 vials of 2 ml capacity in the 680L model

Temperature uniformity of less than 3C at -80C
Lower running costs and quiet running

Greater sample protection

-45degC-86 degC
Desk top freezer BMP175Price guide5155.005825.00
Upright freezer BM 175Price guide4485.005020.00
Upright freezer BM 340Price guide4697.005471.00
Upright freezer BM 515Price guide5275.005795.00
Upright freezer BM 690Price guide5795.006285.00
Upright freezer BM1000Price guide7575.008805.00


Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators Inventory system

Froilabo manufactures a full range of racks and trays to fit Bio Memory freezers. The racks can hold stainless steel drawers for samples, or they can hold cryoboxes and microtitre plates.

There are also vertical storage racks and wire baskets suitable for the Bio Memory chest freezers. Using a full complement of racks and cryoboxes, a Bio Memory 690 freezer can hold a maximum of 48000 x 2ml vials.

RB Scientific PO Box 5 Hedge End, Southampton Hampshire SO30 2WG

Email: Tel: 023 8040 6787

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