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Firlabo Laboratory Centrifuges: R.B.Scientific Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, Southampton Hampshire

FIRLABO continues its long history of centrifuge manufacture with the SW9 and SWI2 models, and the new, SW14 multifunction centrifuge.

The tradition dates back to 1918, when Paul Couprie produced the first centrifuge in France

Since Firlabo acquired the original Company in 1985, it has continued to upgrade and improve the safety and efficiency of its centrifuge range.

The three models are - the SW9 with a maximum capacity of 4 X 250ml, the SW12 with a maximum capacity of 4 X 750ml and the SW14 with capacities ranging from 48 X 0.2ml to 6 X 50ml.

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firlabo centrifuge

Both centrifuges have microprocessor control, and the 10 operator-controlled programmes allow time settings, as well as acceleration and braking rates.

The display shows speed in "g" or "rpm" and provides access to useful technical data which is stored in the memory.

The microprocessor controls acceleration and deceleration rates, speed in rpm or G force, and a memory which can repeat specific programmes to give reproducible results.

firlabo centrifuge
The bowl is manufactured from stainless steel and the swing - out rotor has sealed buckets. A wide variety of inserts allow most commonly available tubes to be used.

SW9 has a maximum capacity of 4 X 250ml tubes, or 28 X 15ml Vacutainer tubes.

SW12 has a maximum capacity of 4 X 750ml tubes, or 76 X 10ml Vacutainer tubes.

There are also 3 angle heads with places for 8, 10, or 20 tubes

firlabo centrifuge
On lowering the lid, an assisted closing system pulls the lid down and locks it. When the cycle is finished, hydraulic jacks assist in opening the lid. The powerful induction motor runs quietly and reduces servicing intervals.

Both models are designed for bench mounting and are available with or without refrigeration.

With refrigeration, the centrifuges have a temperature range of -10C to 40C

firlabo centrifuge

If bench space is limited, both SW9 and SW12 can be mounted onto a wheeled trolley.

The refrigeration unit can be built-in to the trolley to make it a self contained, mobile unit.

firlabo centrifuge

The high trolley puts the centrifuge at bench height and the low trolley allows the centrifuge to be rolled under the bench.

All centrifuges are complete with swing out head, sealed buckets and 1 set of adapters

SW9 centrifugePrice guide 4060.00
SW9 Refrigerated centrifugePrice guide 5200.00
SW12 centrifugePrice guide 4720.00
SW12 Refrigerated centrifugePrice guide 6575.00

firlabo centrifuge New, SW14 high speed centrifuge

The new SW14 centrifuge allows you to spin not only microvolumes, but 10ml, 15ml and 50ml volumes as well. It has a maximum speed of 14000rpm and a range of six, quick change, angle heads.

Each "Quick Set" head is automatically recognised by the centrifuge, so that its maximum speed is not exceeded. The heads can be changed in less than one minute ensuring flexibility and safety.

The SW 14 has microprocessor control with a range of 9 programmes, which are operator set and include variable time, acceleration and deceleration gradients.

Capacities include 48 X 0.2ml., 24 X 2.0ml., and 6 X 50ml., and the refrigerated version has a temperature range of -20 C to + 40 C

SW14 centrifuge - price guide 2040.00
SW14R centrifuge - price guide 3240.00
Rotors - average price 475.00

RB Scientific PO Box 5 Hedge End, Southampton Hampshire SO30 2WG

Email: Tel: 023 8040 6787

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