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Firlabo Laboratory Ovens and Incubators: R.B.Scientific Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, Southampton Hampshire

Provide precise temperature control without a price penalty.

That is the philosophy behind the Bio concept incubator and Air concept oven range.

At the same time, provide facilities for data storage by a PC and temperature certification to European standards

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Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

Bio concept incubators ( BC ) and Air concept ovens ( AC ) are available in thee sizes:

60 litres, 120 litres and 240 litres.

AC 60Price guide 850.00
AC120Price guide 1085.00
AC240Price guide 1570.00

Exterior steel case finished in a two tone, blue/grey epoxy enamel.

Bio concept incubators have a temperature range of:
ambient +5C to 100C. Also a sterilisation cycle of 2.5 hours at 160C.

Air concept ovens have a temperature range of:
40C to 250C

Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

All models have a stainless steel interior and fully adjustable shelf runners.

A programmable digital controller gives 4 temperature points

Air concept ovens have fan circulation

Bio concept incubators have fan circulation

Bio concept S incubators have natural convection

BC60Price guide 850.00
BC120Price guide 1145.00
BC 240Price guide 1560.00

Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

If space is at a premium, Bio concept incubators and Air concept ovens can be stacked onto each other. Bio concept incubators can also be stacked on to Bio concept refrigerated incubators. All fixing components are included.

The combination of a high-performance, self-checking PID controller and a PT100 ohms probe give the ovens and the incubators exceptional precision.

For quality control applications, where temperature profiles are required, all models can be provided with a data recorder. A 6 or 12 channel recorder can be used to link several cabinets together. Data can be transferred to a PC via Ethernet or transferred directly onto a PC card.

Cooled Incubators BCR and Coolstore

Designed to work at temperatures below ambient they are used for a variety of QC, microbiological and cell growth applications.

Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators
BCR60Price guide 2075.00
BCR120Price guide 2395.00
BCR240Price guide 2995.00

Bio concept Refrigerated incubators (BCR) have a stainless steel interior, fan circulation and a secondary, internal door A PID digital controller and PT100 probe combined with the fan circulation give these incubators superb precision.

There are three sizes, 60 litres, 120 litres and 240 litres all with built in refrigeration and a safety thermostat.

A chart recorder or data recorder can be fitted to transfer data to a PC.

Firlabo laboratory ovens and incubators

Coolstore Incubators are large capacity cabinets with a stainless steel interior and fan circulation. The exterior case is also stainless steel.

Precise temperature control makes them suitable for microbiological as well as stability studies.

Available in 600 litre or 1300 litre capacities they have fully adjustable shelf runners and tip-proof shelves.

Both models are fitted with lockable castors, and a cable entry port is provided for external monitoring.

Coolstore incubators have one of two temperature ranges : 0°C to 60°C or -20°C to 60°C

A recorder can be fitted to transfer data to a flash card or floppy disk.

Coolstore 600/0 Price guide 4180.00
Coolstore 1300/0 Price guide 6860.00
Coolstore 600/-20 Price guide 5965.00
Coolstore 1300/-20 Price guide 8020.00

RB Scientific PO Box 5 Hedge End, Southampton Hampshire SO30 2WG

Email: Tel: 023 8040 6787

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